Formula Student Germany – From Lecture Room to Pit Lane.

We’re passionate competitors in the battle for pole position.

When there’s Formula 1-style tension in the air at the Hockenheimring race track in Southwestern Germany but no sign of Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and co. then it must be time for Formula Student! Every year as the summer draws to a close, students from around the world meet up for five days at the Hockenheimring, to compete with one another in their self-designed and constructed race cars in an electrifying Formula 1 atmosphere and at the same time impress experts from business and industry with the performance of their cars.

Formula Student is an international competition that every year attracts more than 500 university teams. Each team drafts, designs and constructs its own formula race car with great passion and determination, ready to compete with other teams from around the world. Following scrutinizing by a jury of experts from the motor sport, automobile and supplier industries, these prototypes are sent out onto the track. Here they compete in a range of disciplines such as the reliability of the cars, the lowest fuel consumption, the best acceleration or the most impressive dynamic handling.

In Formula Student, though, it’s not the team with the fastest car that wins, but the one with the best overall package of technical construction, racing performance, financial planning and sales arguments. Taking part in the Formula Student competition gives the team members an opportunity to put their knowledge and skills to the test in actual practice and at the same time acquire key qualifications that will prove very useful when it comes to launching their careers. They get to add practical experience to their theoretical studies, becoming familiar with aspects of design and production, the economics of automobile manufacturing, project management and scheduling, interdisciplinary collaboration and communications.

For many years now, Knorr-Bremse has been an “Official Partner” to four Formula Student Germany teams: “municHMotorsport” from Munich University of Applied Sciences, “Ecurie Aix” from RWTH Aachen University, “TUfast Racing Team” from the Technical University of Munich and “Fast Forest” from Deggendorf Institute of Technology. Every year we provide dedicated support to “our” students and have great fun helping them battle for pole position, providing not only technical expertise but funding as well. One core aspect of the competition is designing a car that is lightweight and agile. To help make this happen, based on the teams’ construction drawings our prototyping department handles the production of highly sensitive components for the chassis, engine and pedals. This way we make an important contribution to reaching the teams’ ambitious goals in terms of the cars’ weight and performance.

Below is a list of the websites of the four Formula Student teams that we at Knorr-Bremse support. There you will find all kinds of fascinating facts about the teams, including links to their YouTube videos, Facebook sites, photos on Flickr, and much more besides.

TUfast Racing Team, Technical University of Munich:

municHMotorsport, Munich University of Applied Sciences:

Ecurie Aix, RWTH Aachen University:

Fast Forest, Deggendorf Institute of Technology:

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