The ProTecS® pad holder spring system has been developed by Knorr-Bremse and introduced on latest generation disc brakes as part of a continuous product improvement program.

ProTecS® Brake Pad Kit


The connection between the brake pad back plate and spring holder ensures precise utilisation of the spring’s elasticity and thereby optimal alignment of the brake pads. The construction of the spring system increases the life expectancy of the brake pads, especially on rough roads. In addition, the welded spring holder acts as a slider resulting in protection of the spring and pad retainer, thereby reducing wear and tear. Due to the reduced friction between the spring holder and pad retainer, the ProTecS® pads return from their contact with the disc more easily.

An additional improvement, combined with the introduction of the ProTecS® system, is the cast back plate. The lighter weight of the plate reduces the inertia of the brake pad, resulting in a reduction in noise development. An additional benefit is a reduction in the deformation of the brake pad in contact with the brake carrier.

Improved Safety

The use of the ProTecS® system with its fusion of holder spring and back plate prevents the risks associated with the re-use of old springs.

Systems for Commercial Vehicles

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ProTecS® Brake Pad Kit