LCV Base R&P Steering System

LCV Base R&P Steering System

tedrive’s steering gears for hydraulic and electrohydraulic steering systems contribute towards optimizing the overall CO₂ balance of the vehicle. In the case of HPS and EHPS we make use of the installation of a steel housing, which enables the installation of a CO₂-saving high-pressure system. The sturdy steel design can withstand a bursting pressure of >400 bar. Owing to the thinner walls and the tight-fitting welded-on pipes, the system requires only a very small installation space and is not heavier than the conventional aluminium housings in spite of the use of steel. In addition, the steering precision is noticeably improved by the more rigid housing made of steel. The steering system can also be used as a supporting element of the front axle.


  • steel housing permits the use of a CO₂ saving high-pressure system
  • use of steel housings provides high design flexibility
  • integration of the steering system as a supporting element of the front axle
  • optimized for platform strategies
  • fast prototyping
  • production depth, providing optimum quality control and fast change management

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LCV Base R&P Steering System