LCV R&P Steering System with iHSA Control Module

LCV R&P Steering System with iHSA Control Module

In the LCV steering systems segment, tedrive stands out due to some unique technical features: the robust, modular steel housing technology and the optional use of the iHSA control module – and therefore the integration of all safety and comfort features also for light commercial vehicles; a first in this class of vehicle. In comparison to conventional aluminium steering housings, steel housings offer greater rigidity, toughness and improved quality through the elimination of porosity. These properties have a noticeable effect on optimizing the steering precision of the transporters. A reliable addition to commercial vehicle steering systems is the integration of the intelligent steering assist iHSA®.


  • HPS system with comfort and safety functions analogue EPS systems
  • axle load independent hydraulic technology
  • modular system paves the way for cost-optimized platform solutions
  • high-pressure system and demand-oriented volume flow control offering additional power consumption reduction potential
  • integration of steel housing with state-of-the-art valve technology
  • small installation space

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LCV R&P Steering System with iHSA Control Module